Your Web3
Data Lakehouse

Fully managed Blockchain Data Platform for your Analytics, Data Science, and Machine Learning workloads.

Developers building Web3 data applications have many hoops to jump through.

Let’s set up your Web3 infrastructure without Hyperline.

First, run Nodes to get access to Blockchain Data

But that’s not enough.

Second, acquire non-Blockchain data from a range of different vendors.

The infrastructure still isn’t ready.

Third, write data ingest processes and establish storage infrastructure to retrieve and save data.

Complexity increases cost.

To manage data retrieval and storage, developers often hire a data infrastructure expert.

The infrastructure is nearly complete.

Fourth, create compute clusters for workloads and hire DevOps for system management.

Four hoops later, and cost multiplied, the infrastructure is ready for use.

Finally, product engineers and analysts can focus on building your applications.

One hoop. Overhead minimized.

Hyperline offers a turn-key Web3 infrastructure, minimizing overhead and entry barriers.

Web3 Lakehouse

Hyperline provides you instant access to all Blockchain data and the ability to connect 3rd party and private data to the Hyperline Lakehouse.

Unified Compute

One surface for all your Analytics, Data Science, and Machine Learning workloads. Write SQL, Spark, or Python and JOIN across any data in the Hyperline Lakehouse.

Hyperline product view showcasing the compute features

Automated Workflows

Orchestrate and schedule data processing with Airflow pipelines to run your most complex tasks repeatedly.

Hyperline product ui showing data workflows

Minimize Overhead

On average, companies dedicate up to 30% of all engineering effort to building infrastructure. 
Save time, reduce cost, and eliminate stress with Hyperline.

Fully Managed

Hyperline is fully managed, offering both multi-tenant and private cloud deployments.

Enterprise Ready

Hyperline is built for enterprises with security, reliability, compliance, and scale as the core design principle.

Dedicated Onboarding

Hyperline offers support options that meet all your needs for building mission critical applications.

Use Cases

Wallet Intelligence

Understand your users by monitoring their on-chain behavior to drive engagement to your application.


Perform real-time trading analytics using on-chain, pricing, and private data.


Improve retention and growth of web3 gaming products by analyzing user behaviors throughout customer’s lifecycle.


Personalize your users experience and recommend NFTs using their on-chain & private profiles.

Security / Fraud

Monitor on-chain fraud by analyzing activities of users and protocols.


Perform real-time on-chain diligence and track the performance of smart contracts and emerging ecosystems.

Web3 Marketing

Build targeted marketing campaigns for your users based on their on-chain profile.


Build Internal dashboards and visualization applications with a managed SQL backend.

Built by former Meta, Microsoft, Uber, and Lyft engineers

We possess decades of experience in creating extensive data infrastructure and AI applications. Our mission is to equip Web3 developers with top-notch tools for comprehending and managing Blockchain data effectively.

Abhinav Vora
Abhinav Vora
Co-founder & CEO
Sahil Thaker
Sahil Thaker
Co-founder & CTO
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